Persistence for Containers: How to Get Back from Mars

We know how to get to Mars. We know how to land on Mars. Now comes the hard part: figuring out how to leave.

The same is true for development. We know how to develop faster. We know how to release faster. Now comes the hard part: how to move apps to the new world of microservices and containers when meaningful and persistent data exists.

Containers are ephemeral, lightweight and instantaneous, yet they cannot maintain data persistence when restarted, moved or destroyed. How can DevOps benefit from containers when they don’t offer data storage persistency? This session focuses on solving the persistent state problem for apps and database containers in CI pipelines through to production.

Objective: Learn how persistent volumes can be enabled in Docker and how these can be used to manage database failover avoiding complexity and additional license cost. Understand how persistent storage can enable hyper-converged container infrastructure.

Prerequisites: Some understanding of what containers are and how they work as well as basic understanding of storage will be beneficial.

You can view Julian’s slides below:

Julian Topley CLL17 presentation

Track 3
Location: Date: May 17, 2017 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm Julian Topley Julian Topley, StorageOS