Orchestrator Wars

You’re embracing containers. You’re breaking your architecture into microservices that each look after their own concerns. You want to treat those microservices as “cattle not pets”. You need something to deploy your code across a cluster of machines – and that job falls to an orchestrator.

In this talk we’ll look at what orchestrators are for, and what the most popular options are. What are the differences between them? How do you choose which one is right for your team and your project? Is there a winner in the battle for orchestration hearts and minds?

Objective: Getting to know different container orchestration tools as well as ways to find out which one fits your purpose best.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of microservice architectures and deployment mechanisms would be useful.

Track 3
Location: Date: May 18, 2017 Time: 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm Liz Rice Liz Rice, Aqua Security