Workshop | The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit: Continuous Deployment with Docker Swarm

During the workshop, we’ll explore the practices and tools required to run a Swarm cluster and go beyond a simple deployment. We’ll explore how to create a continuous deployment process.

We’ll set up multiple clusters: One will be dedicated to testing and the other one for production. We’ll see how to accomplish zero-downtime deployments, what to do in case of a failover, how to run services at scale, how to monitor the systems, and how to make it heal itself.

Finally, we’ll examine the processes that will allow us to run the clusters on a laptop as well as on different cloud providers.

Schedule (high level)

  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Immutable infrastructure as code
  • Continuous integration with Docker
  • Setting up a Swarm cluster and running services
  • Running Jenkins inside a cluster
  • Centralized logging
  • Monitoring metrics


This workshop contains a vast amount of topics and will be performed at a very fast pace. The recommendation is to observe the commands I will be executing and concentrate on understanding the logic behind them. Everything will be posted online after the workshop and you will be able to repeat it later on at your own pace. If you agree with the recommendation, you will not be required to bring anything.

On the other hand, you are welcome to follow along and try to reproduce everything during the workshop. If you choose that approach, you will need:

If you are a Windows user, please make sure that your Git client is configured to check out the code AS-IS. Otherwise, Windows might change carriage returns to the Windows format. You will also need an AWS account and AWS CLI. Please note that it should be free from any customizations and limitations your company might have introduced. If in doubt, please use your personal account.

Location: Date: May 19, 2017 Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Viktor Farcic, Cloudbees Viktor Farcic, CloudBees