Workshop | Up and running with Kubernetes and Prometheus

This workshop will offer hands-on experience of getting up and running with Kubernetes and using Prometheus for monitoring.

Luke will first cover how to setup and deploy an app to your very own Kubernetes cluster, including:

  • The benefits of using containers and microservices.
  • An introduction to and explanation of Kubernetes concepts including Pods, Replica Sets, Deployments, Services and Selectors and how they all fit together.
  • How to install your own Kubernetes cluster on any machine running Linux.
  • How to deploy the sample microservices app, the Sock Shop, to a Kubernetes cluster.

We will then examine the combination of Kunernetes and Prometheus. Monitoring containerized apps in a dynamic cloud environment presents a unique set of challenges that is not easily solved with traditional monitoring systems. Prometheus is a powerful and multi-dimensional monitoring tool and with over 10 million Docker pulls is gaining huge traction within the Kubernetes community.

We will cover:

  • The benefits of using Prometheus monitoring.
  • An overview of the different types of whitebox/blackbox monitoring, their pros and cons, and why the Prometheus pull model is beneficial.
  • A discussion of the Prometheus data model and how PromQL (the Prometheus Query Language) can help you monitor your app in a dynamic system.
  • We’ll turn theory into practice by digging into a real performance problem in our sample microservices app, the Sock Shop.

Location: Date: May 19, 2017 Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Luke Marsden, Weaveworks Luke Marsden, Weaveworks